Lately Kind of Yeah - “Realisierung/Antwort”

Nathan Rich aka Lately Kind of Yeah has recently released his latest offering Derzyklus on Holy Page. Holy Page is a label founded by Christian Filardo, a talented young lad who has been another long-time AFIN favorite and one-time album releaser on my netlabel Vulpiano Records with a “dunkwave” EP under the name Vladee Divacc. Nathan Rich is also a Vulpiano Records affiliate himself. In case you couldn’t tell already, this is all quite a convergence of my own personal canon of interwebz music coolness.

I have found myself swamped as of late with a pile of albums by people who I am close and connected to in some way or another and have guiltily glanced at my overflowing submissions inbox from time to time in both horror and curiosity at its contents as time continues to elude me. (Let this also be a reminder to readers and potential interested artists that I listen to everything that is sent my way, sooner or later.) My good man Nathan happened to remind me of his new album release as 2:00 AM PST approached and I ended up enjoying it so much that I decided to turn out this piece as I was listening.

The blueish, abstract cover picturing what appears to be a pair of houses evokes the mood of this album fairly well - rather melancholy, a bit distorted. The vocals are hazy, at times hard to pick out amidst the layered instrumentation and samples of murky spoken fragments, providing a dreamy feel. Songs fade into one another seamlessly - the transition between Rhythmus and Zyklus is particularly notable. Only a few songs into Derzyklus and I was already thinking “this is definitely his best work yet.” (Don’t you love it when that sort of thing happens?)

There are grinding, churning elements of abstraction, noise, and even drone present here in a way that is hard to label as one particular genre, with the acoustic guitar sections providing an additional element of mystery and seeming like an unlikely sound to pair with the others; but not for LKOY, for whom this combination comes across naturally. The integration of acoustic guitar into this abstract landscape was not dissimilar to the kind of somber mood evoked by Tom Verlaine’s solo stylings.

Some of my favorite tracks from my first impression of Derzyklus are “Wahnvorstellung”, “Geist”, “Abstieg”, and “Umgebung”, all of which I feel are great examples of the LKOY sound, which is otherwise implacable. This seems like it would be a great album to have playing in the car when you’re going nowhere in particular, or lying in bed at 2:47 AM feeling a little blue…Thanks for the music, man.

Download Lately Kind of Yeah - Derzyklus now for free or name your price at Bandcamp or get the cassette tape here