Independent Music Discoveries, Issue #14

Another fresh round of up-and-comers, part of our continuing series- be sure to recommend your fav indie artists in the comments!
Gospel Gossip - Shoegaze / Thrash / Pop - Minnesota, USA
I knew fabulous things were to come from Gospel Gossip when I first saw that they were using eLouai dolls to represent their band members over at their MySpace Music page. Their recent album Dreamland has been limited to a run of 500 copies on white vinyl and a limited stock of CDs as well. Dreamland is a delight to listen to, recalling some of the gauziest moments of shoegaze’s heyday, with the addition of their unique brand of cinematic instrumental dynamics and Sarah Nienaber’s haunting, wispy vocals. "Nashville", the single that preceded the album (and garnered some Pitchfork attention), and the title track "Dreamland" are two big highlights on this lovely release, which you can also stream in part on

Aeroplane Pageant - Indie / Pop / Psychedelic - New York, USA
Aeroplane Pageant are a five-piece band formed of childhood friends from Long Island who have just put out their new LP Even the Kids Don’t Believe Me. Described as “American-made, barely punk, with some last-minute domestic surrealism”, the band waver between the light-hearted and the softly sad, sometimes encompassing both at the same time (as in "Remember I Think"). The narrative-centric video for "Stars Still Pretty" was premiered via Magnet Magazine and The Deli Magazine, which you can check out now on Vimeo!

Elias Iscariot - Post-Punk / Electro / New Wave - Ohio, USA
Elias Iscariot, who have opened for and toured with the likes of Mushroomhead, Powerman 5000, and Fischerspooner, have a new release: Untimely Death Like Clockwork, which is available for free streaming and download at Bandcamp (though a $1+ donation is optional), which is as much of an intensely personal portrait as it is an exploration of electro-sounds and just how far the post-punk label can be stretched. "I Want the Beast” and "Westbound" are my fav tracks from the album, which I definitely recommend grabbing in full!

Avante Royale - Surf / Blues / Rock - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Being a big fan of surf-style guitar music myself (listening to Television’s Marquee Moon on repeat for long spells is perhaps the cause of that!), I was quite enthused to be sent the new EP by Brazilian indie rock instrumental four-piece group Avante Royale. It is essential that you download their EP in full as a .ZIP, and in the meantime check out the cool and catchy "La Prima Noche Versus Carmão 1 Pulmão".

Periscope - Indie Pop - Cologne, Germany
Periscope are a German indie pop band. Though Phoenix and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s appearance in their top friends on MySpace Music gives a bit of a clue as to their sound, Periscope trek adventurously into uncharted waters that I could only describe as “sunshine art rock”, of which "Second Song" and "Above Radars Sun Smies" from their debut EP are prime examples of.